Are you battling depression? Here’s how you can! 2021-03-09

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Depression Management

Are you battling depression? Here’s how you can!

Are you depressed with your life? Depression can knock on your door at any point in time. It can drain you of your energy, drive and hope to live a peaceful life. It can take you to the extreme point, where you may feel empty or fatigued. However, as every lock has a key, every problem can also be sorted out with a solution. You need a guide to lead you on the right path. But before that, let us understand depression in-depth.

What is depression?

At times, feeling lonely, sad or depressed is fine. These can be considered normal reactions to the various situations that life throws at us. But, when you feel overwhelmed by your feelings leading to physical symptoms lasting for extended periods, it is the time to seek help.

Though common, depression is a severe mood disorder that can interfere with your sleep cycle, working ability, eating, studies, etc. Although there is an ongoing debate on the root cause of depression, most researchers believe it to be a blended result of biological, genetic, psychological, and environmental factors.

Some of the commonly observed symptoms in case of depression include

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Aches and pains
  • Guilt, Helplessness, and Worthlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Appetite Loss or Overeating
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts to suicide
  • Persistent sadness


What are the ‘Warning Signs’ that warrant immediate attention ?

  • Feeling ‘Sad’ all the time People almost always relate Depression to feeling ‘Sad’. But the truth is while most people suffering from depression feel sad, many don’t. Sadness may occupy only a small portion of the world of a depressed person. Apart from sadness, there are several other physical symptoms that may accompany your depressed behavior.
  • Talking about Suicide
  • Fluctuating emotions
  • Loss of interest
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Considering oneself as helpless or worthless or hopeless


Is there a ‘Quick Fix’ for Depression?

The answer is ‘No’! You can’t just get rid of snap out of your depression all of a sudden. But there are several ways available to come out of it and counselling is one of them.

The best thing your well-meaning friends or family members can do is to lend you an emotional hand to make you feel better. Always remember, depression is not a sign of weakness or a flaw in one’s character.

Treating Depression!!

Be there for yourself:

Depression is no longer considered to be a fancy term under medical sciences. Affecting millions of people worldwide, the key to treat your depression is to be open and accept your condition first.

Realize that tomorrow will be different from today:

The moods and emotions that you carry today need not necessarily continue or define your tomorrow. If you have failed to accomplish your goals today, don’t be hard on yourself. There’s always tomorrow!

Define your goals correctly:

Being dedicated to your work or goals is a good thing. But, if you are setting impossible goals, you are probably on the wrong track again! A lengthy to-do-list may lead to absolutely no result. It is always wiser to define your to-do-list by setting one or two small goals at a time.

Reward yourself for your accomplishments:

Every achievement is worth gratification! Next time you achieve something, either big or small, make sure that you pat yourself on the back and that will bring an instant smile to your face. Recognizing your success is the best weapon you can use against your negative thoughts and actions.

Spare some time for something that makes you happy:

Understanding where your joy lies is one of the most important ways by which you can find a way to escape from your depressive clutter. Try to push yourself into a happy and safe zone where you not only relax but, at the same time, energize doing something you love.

Music therapy is your best friend:

Most of us, when we feel low, even if for a little bit, immediately put on our headphones and plug into our favourite music. Music can be considered as a form of therapy to soothe your nerves, thereby elevating your mood and providing some relief from depressive symptoms.

Pen down your thoughts:

If you plan to suppress your negative feelings or emotions, you are going in the wrong direction. One of the ways to beat your negative emotions is to start writing a journal. Write about the lifts and drifts of your mood, emotions and feelings throughout the day. You can also reflect on what you have written later and decide on whether you need to start changing anything about your life for the better.

Researchers believe ‘Mother Nature’ has healing magic:

Most of the research on depressive thoughts and associated symptoms highlights that people who tend to spend a fair amount of time in the lap of Mother Nature have improved their mental well-being more rapidly than others. Exposure to fresh sunlight helps you raise your serotonin levels, which is an important hormone responsible for boosting your mood.

Seek clinical assistance:

If none of the above treatment options works well for you, connect with a therapist or a general practitioner to ease your battle. By assessing your symptoms, your therapist can design a plan to suit you to alleviate your symptoms and help boost your mental well- being.