Self Confidence is your Super Power 2021-03-09

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Self Confidence

Self Confidence is your Super Power

Who doesn’t admire a self-confident person? We all do! A self-confident person carries a mesmerizing aura around him/her. But do you know what self-confidence is all about? If not, this blog will interest you.

What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is relying on oneself for your thoughts, actions and of course, their results. It is a psychological aspect wherein you trust your own abilities and judgement. Achieving this makes you value yourself and make life feel worthy. However, self-confidence does not mean that you are without flaws. Although both self-confidence and self-esteem are used interchangeably, it may not always be the case. A person who learns to be more confident will eventually exhibit high self-esteem.

According to standard psychometric analysis, a person acquires a high self-efficacy when he sees himself mastering skills to achieve life goals. This is, in fact, a process of self-motivation wherein you train your mind to learn, work hard, evolve and gain new heights in your chosen frontiers. In short, you may acknowledge this process of self-motivation as the only key to achieving success in life.

Does self-confidence really matter today?

The answer is a big Yes! It does in every field and wherever you go. Though self-confidence is essential and perhaps the most undeniable aspect of every person’s life, most of us struggle to find a way to master it. Unfortunately, most people who rate low on self-confidence are most likely to face failures in life.

Some studies say that how you regard yourself is most likely to be a combination of factors such as genetics, childhood experiences as well as cultural background. If you have received unconditional love and acceptance as a child is likely to influence whether you accept yourself unconditionally or not.

Imagine a situation, where a company has approached two individuals for a new project. One of them is visibly nervous and always apologizing; while the other is one who speaks clearly and holds his head high. What do you think – who will be the company’s first preference?

Obviously, the person who speaks clearly and appears to have better clarity of his thoughts and is more confident of his abilities will be the first choice for the company. It is quite a well-known fact that confident people project their confidence in various aspects of their everyday life which tends to rub onto others as well. Personality experts have time and again focussed on this ability as a critical criterion for achieving success in life.

So, now that you have a fair idea of why self-confidence is essential, let us talk about how it impacts your behavior.

Is there any relationship between behaviour and confidence level?

Yes, there is! Take a look!

Traits of a person with Confident behaviour Traits of a person with Less Confident behaviour
Believing and following your intuitions and trusting your capabilities even when other people criticise or mock you Governing your behaviour on the basis of what others think about you
Demonstrating a will to take risks and going after what your true-life purpose is all about Enclosing yourself within the shell of your comfort zone without facing your fears
Admitting where you went wrong and demonstrating a will to rectify all your mistakes in time Working restlessly hard to cover up all your mistakes
Eagerly waiting to seek others compliments and acknowledgements for your success but first being happy for your accomplishments Extolling your success in front of people so as to gain people’s attention
Developing an attitude of gratification and staying focused on your life goals. Remaining unaffected by successes and failures that cross the path of your life Dismissing all the compliments you receive offhandedly. Working solely to gratify others without focusing on your own strengths


“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt”- Honore de Balzac