Unveiling the Top Secrets to a Happy Relationship 2021-03-09

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Unveiling the Top Secrets to a Happy Relationship

Sometimes, we simply adore many couples around us and wonder about the depth of the chemistry they share with each other. We dream of sharing such perfect chemistry with our better half. However, in reality, no equation in the world could ever sum up a relationship as a ‘perfect’ one. 

What does it take to keep love blossoming? Read on to find out.

Honesty is the best policy 

We all desire to be a better human being! Often, we try to conceal our mistakes and end up creating stories that we later regret. However, there is absolutely no need to be perfect, as we all are imperfectly perfect in our own skin. And that’s the real beauty of each human soul, isn’t it?

The first and the foremost thing to do in making a relationship worthy for you and your better half is just to be your true self. Never hide it behind something that you are not. Hiding behind masks is for those who cheat. If you honestly want your relationship to work and last longer, be honest with your partner.

Shower love 

It is a natural human tendency to crave love and affection. Appreciate your bonding, be grateful and make small loving gestures towards your partner. When you are in a long-lasting relationship, never take anything for granted. Never hesitate to demonstrate your love, respect, affection and care for them. There is never a ‘right time’ to express this!

Be there for each other 

The golden key to a successful relationship is to support each other through thick and thin. The more you support your better half, the more they will reciprocate when the time calls for it!


We all have our ‘ups and downs’. Your partner is no exception to this! So, the next time when you find your partner in a low or depressed mood, just be there for him/her without any expectation. Carefully paying attention to their demands is what they need the most in their low times.

Respect each other

Always remember that two people cannot stay connected 24/7. If you love your partner, never be an obstacle to their hobbies, their ambitions in life or their desires. Respect their principles. Falling in love should be a natural phenomenon and not a forced transition. So, accepting your partner for who they are is important. At the same time sacrificing your individuality to make your relationship work or asking your partner to do so makes no sense. It’s important to find the ‘Right balance’.

Radiate positive vibes when you are together 

Radiating positive vibes is important to create a happy and fruitful relationship. The future belongs to both of you! Constant negativity can destroy the divine bond that the two of you have been sharing for so long. Drop your complaining attitude and negative thoughts and emotions when you are with your soulmate. Stay calm and positive and focus on the key elements to build a strong foundation for your relationship.

Trust matters above all

When you respect each other’s personal space, there is no room left for mistrust to build its walls between the two of you. Jealousy is one of the worst virtues that any human can have! It is important to trust your partner in every scenario without losing your self- worth.  Suspecting your partner without good reason may hurt their feelings and cause them to lose the respect they have for you. It can increase the distance between the two of you and drive them away from you. And if this is happening the other way around, try to calm your partner down not by justifying your act, but by showering your love and care on him/her. Help them remove their most profound insecurities to bring back the spark in your relationship.

Enjoy your personal space

Your relationship with your partner shouldn’t be the only thing you make time for. Dedicate some off-time from your relationship so that you do not compromise with your personal space. Every individual carries some sets of personal desires, hobbies, etc. Respecting your partner’s space makes your bond grow stronger than ever. Enjoying your personal time off is equally important for your relationship.

Disconnect from the world and spend some time together 

Going on expensive dates and getaways often isn’t the only way to spend time together. We all know how equally important our professional lives are! So, whenever you both find some spare time together, enjoy it. Be it either cooking your favourite meal or watching a web series on Netflix! Doing things together helps strengthen your bond.



Jealousy a feeling of jealous envy (especially of a rival) More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)