Dealing With Divorce

"It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy relationships" – Friedrich Nietzsche

Most couples seek divorce as a last resort to get rid of the person and the relationship. Will divorce give you that long-lasting happiness that you desired for? That is a million-dollar question. Yes, if there is a physical harm and threat to life, there is no doubt about getting rid of the person legally. But mostly divorce is not the best decision. There are innumerable reasons why a couple or individual seeks divorce and mostly they are all reversible only if they had tried. And living alone is much tougher than you think. Remarrying is only an option, but without knowing what went wrong or how things could have worked better in your previous relationship, you could still fail in a new relationship. Our professional marriage and divorce counsellors work patiently with the couple or individual to make things right. Our divorce counsellors do no take sides. Rather they focus on the core issue and the problems whirling around that and try to find a solution for you. Would it be easier if we say, “Your second chance in life can happen in your first relationship itself”? If you have already suffered the pain of divorce and not able to get up from where you have drowned, we have the life guard in the name of psychological counsellors who can help you get back on track and see the world as beautiful as it is. Success in counselling takes time. So, sit patiently and wait till you get your fruit.

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