About Us

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose" – L.B Johnson

Lonely Crow Wellness is an online, user- friendly platform conceived to help people tackle personal distress to help bring Joy, Peace and Happiness in their lives. Each of us has a right to be happy. We all know that ‘Health’ is not about only physical fitness or being free from disease, but it also includes mental and emotional well -being. But very often, we fail to realize the importance of seeking help for our emotional or personal problems. There is still this social taboo where people think that they will be looked down upon for approaching a counsellor for help.

In these modern times, we find, that not everyone is able to cope with the stresses of everyday life. All that a person needs sometimes is a space to vent their problems. Now, more than ever, with the corona pandemic spread over the world, people are confined to their homes and are unable to physically reach out to therapists and counsellors.

We have meticulously designed this portal to ensure people’s concerns are addressed in a safe, friendly and compassionate manner. We want you to be able to use our services to open up, discuss and relieve yourself of your stress to help you live a meaningful life and nurture your important relationships.

Our Counsellors are professionally qualified, have years of experience in helping people with various problems. They are ambitious, motivated, aspiring, pragmatic and result oriented.

Lonely Crow is co- founded by Dr. Prakash Mohanasundaram, an Emergency physician, his wife Dr. Sunada Subramanian, an Ophthalmologist and her sister, Ms. Manjula Subramanian, a consultant with one of the Big 4’s.

Founders' Corner

Dr. Prakash Mohanasundaram

Founder & CEO

Dr. Sunada Subramanian

Co-Founder & COO

Ms. Manjula Subramanian

Co-Founder & CFO